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Greater than 1,000 principles will maintain crafters busy year-round.

Full-size styles make any venture effortless to complete.

Detailed directions advisor crafters from begin to end.

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It works! Try flicking the string to make other signals to each other, too. 5-by-28-cm medium- or heavyweight cardstock (make sure it’s not too thick to run through your printer or photocopier) • Thread to match cardstock color 1 Copy the System Failure printout onto the 5 sheets of regular-weight paper, and copy the Swan Station Logbook Cover template onto the sheet of cardstock. The printer paper will be your interior pages, and the cardstock will be your cover. 2 Fold the cover in half crosswise, and set it aside.

Yet from belt buckles shaped like the original Nintendo controllers to track jackets with the Atari logo and Pac-Man apps, Atari and the original NES still seem to be everywhere. Hipster kids wearing fedoras and skinny jeans are just as likely to be sporting a Donkey Kong T-shirt. Of course the obvious question is, why the nostalgia? A big part of the renewed popularity of Atari and NES games lies within the breakthrough idea that it’s actually cool to be geeky. The word “geek” has transitioned from describing someone wearing a pocket protector to someone who is hip, in the know, and totally capable of keeping up with technology.

Belt and holster. 8 To embellish your holster, trace or photocopy and cut out the ghost, heart, and Pac-Man templates. ) Pin these patterns to felt and cut them out. Use the 1/4-in/ 6-mm hole punch to cut out the white Pac-dots and ghost eyes and the 1/8-in/3-mm hole punch for the tiny blue ghost pupils. ) You can also use the paper templates for these, if you prefer. 9 Depending on the size of your belt and your personal taste, you can use any combination of Pac-Men, ghosts, Pac-dots, and Power Pellets (the slightly larger white dots).

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