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By Heather Lodinsky

Don’t be sq.! get away of the field with a hundred and fifty inventive motifs for knit and crochet150 Knit and Crochet Motifs is a enjoyable and eclectic mixture of styles in either crafts, with shapes that transcend the normal sq.. Geometric and round shapes are featured besides asymmetrical motifs like shells, stars, or even paisleys. The styles contain colorwork, texture, size, and fascinating define shapes for cutting edge purposes. The motifs are awarded in a listing of other shapes and textures. The ebook additionally comprises smaller blocks to affix them jointly, and edging rules so as to add completing touches. Get feedback for mix and matching the motifs, and easy methods to knit and crochet them jointly to create specific sensible and ornamental items. With attention-grabbing, colourful shapes, a hundred and fifty Knit and Crochet Motifs is a layout source jam-packed with never-ending chances.

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