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By Syed A. Nasar

This tremendous necessary studying source is for college students of electromagnetics and those that desire to refresh and solidify their figuring out of its not easy functions. Problem-solving drills support increase self belief, yet few textbooks supply the solutions, by no means brain the entire recommendations to their bankruptcy workouts. during this textual content, famous writer Professor Syed Nasar has divided the book's difficulties into subject parts just like a textbook and offered a wide range of difficulties, instantly via their recommendations

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0b1111 1111 1000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 Solution a. b. c. d. e. The exponent field of this number is all 1s, and its fraction field is not 0, so it’s a NaN. This number has an exponent field of 0, a sign bit of 0, and a fraction field of 0, which is the IEEE floating-point representation for þ0. This number has an exponent field of 132 and a fraction field of 100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000. Since its exponent field is neither all 0s or all 1s, it represents a normalized number, with a value of 1:12 Â 25 ¼ 48.

Once a program has been developed and debugged, the numbers that represent its instructions can be written out onto a storage device, allowing the program to be loaded back into memory at some point in the future. On early systems, the most common storage device was punched cards or paper tape. Modern systems generally use magnetic media, such as hard disks. Being able to store programs like data eliminates errors in reloading the program (assuming that the device the program is stored on is error-free), while requiring a human to reenter the program each time it is used generally introduces errors that have to be corrected before the program runs correctly—imagine having to debug your word processor each time you started it up!

For multiplication and division, the hardware can simply perform unsigned operations on the magnitude portion of the inputs and examine the sign bits of the inputs to determine the sign bit of the result. EXAMPLE Multiply the numbers þ7 and À5, using 6-bit signed-magnitude integers. Solution The binary representation of þ7 is 000111, and À5 is 100101. To multiply them, we multiply their magnitude portions as unsigned integers, giving 0100011 (35). We then examine the sign bits of the numbers being multiplied and determine that one of them is negative.

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