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Schaum’s strong problem-solver promises 3,000 difficulties in electrical circuits, absolutely solved step by step! The originator of the solved-problem consultant, and scholars’ favourite with over 30 million examine courses bought, Schaum’s deals a diagram-packed timesaver that will help you grasp all kinds of challenge you’ll face on checks.
difficulties conceal each zone of electrical circuits, from easy devices to advanced multi-phase circuits, two-port networks, and using Laplace transforms. cross on to the solutions and diagrams you wish with our particular, cross-referenced index. appropriate with any school room textual content, Schaum’s 3000 Solved difficulties in electrical Circuits is so whole it’s the ideal device for graduate or expert examination prep!

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47 V3 = 30V V, 30 Ion = (; = (; = 5A or V=45 + 15R =90V or 90 - 45 R= - - - =30 15 For the value of R determined in Prob. 46, calcu late the power absorbed by each resistor. total power thus obtained is the same as that supplied by the source. 2 • Total power absorbed = 15 x 1 + 15 15 = 1350 W. 48 or :\00 W 2 X 2 2 3 + 30 /3 + 30 /6 = 1350 W. Verify that the Power supplied by the source = 90 x Calculate the voltage that must be connected across the terminals ab such that the voltage across the 2-0 resistor is 10 V (Fig.

Fig. 3-21 I With the circuit model of the generator shown in Fig. 0n. A dependent voltage source is shown in Fig. 3-22. For the data given determine the power supplied by the 12 V-source and that by the 3/-dependent voltage source. + "1) Fig. 0 A. Power delivered by the 12-V source is 12 x 1 = 12 W. 0 = - 3 W. Negative sign is used since the current is going inlO the source. Thus the dependent source is absorbing (rather than delivering) power. 67 D 31 A 500-0 resistor is connected in parallel with a 250-0 resistor and the combination is fed by a 25-A current source.

1'\. ::. J),. 0.. ::. sa- J. n.. ) Fig. 33 In the circuit of Fig. 4-19a find the voltage across ab if the 5-n resistor is removed and the terminals ab are open-circuited. 5 V With the 5-n resistor removed from the circuit of Fig. 4-19a, the 90-V source is short-circuited. resistance that will be measured across ab. Determine the I With the voltage source short-circuited, the network reduction is shown in Fig. 4-19b through e. Rab = 10 n. 35 53 Hence, Refer to the results of Probs. 34. Using the open-circuit voltage Vab of Prob.

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