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By David Wellington

Laura Caxton s'était juré de ne plus jamais affronter de vampires. On sait ce que valent les bonnes résolutions... À Gettysburg reposent cent cercueils. Quatre-vingt-dix-neuf contiennent des vampires dont on a ôté le coeur. Le dernier est vide. Ces coeurs ont le pouvoir de ramener à l. a. vie une armée de soldats assoiffés de sang. Le dernier vampire s'en est-il emparé ?

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If a line forms where they meet—called a precipitin line—the sample is human blood. Some people in the vampire subculture claim that the issue is not even about physical properties. They believe that human blood just supplies more energy, tastes better, and has a more pleasing consistency. So how does blood function in our bodies that makes it so important? The heart is responsible for keeping our blood circulating. It’s pumped in a continuous circuit, from the heart throughout the body and back to the heart.

Different blood types were recognized in 1875, but it wasn’t until 1901 that Karl Landsteiner named the four groups and understood their reactive qualities. Red blood cells carry a substance called an antigen, which produces antibodies to fight infection, and there appeared to be several different types. In a centrifuge, he separated red blood cells from plasma. Then, adding red blood cells from other subjects, he found two distinct reactions—clumping and repelling. He labeled the two types as A (antigen A present, anti-B antibody present, but antigen B absent) and B (antigen B present, antigen A absent).

Of course, Dracula is not always a solid entity,” she reminds us. “When he chooses, he can become as mist or elemental dust, at which times none of his corporeal frame would show up in a mirror anyway. One could try to explain it by arguing that given the pseudosolid nature of Dracula’s physical body, the mirror does not pick up the image. Neither can he be photographed—though Stoker does not use that in the novel. It was in his original notes but for some reason 38 THE SCIENCE OF VAMPIRES he discarded it.

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