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By Irven Resnick

Contributions to this omnibus quantity from twenty-seven the world over popular students will introduce scholars of philosophy, technological know-how, and theology to the present country of analysis and a number of views at the paintings of Albert the good.

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This factor and the text’s declared intention explain the heavy use of those methods of interpretation peculiar to biblical theology. This lends an instructional tone to the text, although it is a work neither of biblical exegesis in the stricter sense, nor is it parenetic. 53 The consistency of literary form and genre between the first work and the later is especially evident in the excursive method of the systematic presentation, while closely ­orienting 49 See Alberto Vaccari, “S. Albertus Magnus Sacrae Scripturae interpres,” in Alberto Magno.

He then proceeds to discuss in three steps how natural goodness (bonitas naturae) manifests itself morally in man, how it may be lost, and how it may be regained. 80 In his explication of the concept with respect to human morality, however, he does not limit himself to the biblical-theological sources, but supplements these with philosophical ones. Among them, apart from Cicero, are especially those portions of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics available in Latin translation,81 his Metaphysics, various treatises on natural philosophy (De caelo, Meteorologica, De generatione animalium, 76 Cf.

1). , 1–3. 16 See Martin Grabmann, Die Geschichte der katholischen Theologie seit dem Ausgang der Väterzeit (Freiburg im Breisgau: 1933; repr. Darmstadt: 1983), 1–3; Helmut Hoping, “Systematische Theologie,” Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche, 11 vols (Freiburg: 1993–2001), vol. 9: 1220–1221. , Summa de mir. scient. , Ed. Colon. 34/1, 1, lns.  . ”. , 1, divisio textus, 14b: “de quo ut de subiecto sit tota theologia”. 1, 15a. This aspect of the question regarding the subject is not pursued in the Summa de mir.

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