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By Steven D. Hales

A spouse to Relativism offers unique contributions from major students that tackle the most recent pondering at the function of relativism within the philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technological know-how, good judgment, and metaphysics.

  • Features unique contributions from the various prime figures engaged on a number of points of relativism
  • Presents a considerable, wide variety of present considering relativism
  • Addresses relativism from a few of the significant subfields of philosophy, together with philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technological know-how, common sense, and metaphysics

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I don’t mean to suggest that the idea of an alternative was ever fully or adequately elucidated in context of the twentieth-century debates. Precisely because it wasn’t, there was often a real lack of clarity about what relativists and their opponents were arguing about. All the same, there was one core idea about alternatives that was generally in play, even though it was left vague and underdeveloped in many respects – namely, this: alternatives are truths that cannot be embraced together. If there are 34 relativism requires alternatives alternatives in this sense, it follows that there are truths that fail to be universal in the social sense of being truths for everyone.

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