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By Andrew Erskine

Overlaying the interval from the demise of Alexander the good to the distinguished defeat of Antony and Cleopatra by the hands of Augustus, this authoritative significant other explores the area that Alexander created yet didn't stay to work out.

  • Comprises 29 unique essays by means of major overseas scholars.
  • Essential studying for classes on Hellenistic history.
  • Combines narrative and thematic techniques to the period.
  • Draws at the very most recent research.
  • Covers a huge diversity of subject matters, spanning political, spiritual, social, monetary and cultural history.

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After all why should they accept Polyperchon in Antipater’s position? He was no Antipater. For his part, Polyperchon attracted Eumenes, whose condemnation to death was overlooked. Antigonos had not long ago reached his own agreement with Eumenes, which had allowed Eumenes to escape the fastness of Nora in the northern Tauros, where Antigonos had been besieging him in 319/18. Antigonos too had overlooked Eumenes’ condemnation. Legalistic niceties were malleable, as the moment required, and in any case were open to dispute.

Jewish religion placed considerable emphasis on the written word; hence a large amount of Jewish religious writing survives, notably the scriptures that go to make up the Old Testament, mostly in Hebrew but with a little Aramaic. This pressure for Greek texts is evident also in the fist two books of Maccabees, both important sources for the history of the Jewish people in the second century. They give two separate and varying accounts of the circumstances and consequences of the revolt of Judas Maccabaeus, the first written in Hebrew but translated into Greek, the second composed in Greek, probably abridged from a more substantial work by a certain Jason of Cyrene.

Antipater may also have felt his age: he was already in his seventies. With Ptolemy ensconced in Egypt, Antigonos Monophthalmos, already satrap of Greater Phrygia, was given control ofAsia and the task of dealing with Eumenes. Antipater’s main ambition seems to have been to retain his dominance in Macedon, but he was careful to have his son Kassandros as Antigonos’ second-in-command, while his daughter Phila, now a widow after the death of Krateros, married Antigonos’ son, Demetrios. Triparadeisos doubtless left Antipater feeling in control: Kassandros could be expected to keep watch over the principal threat to his supremacy, Antigonos.

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