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By Bernard D'Espagnat

Qu'est-ce que l. a. réalité? 
Le physicien Bernard d'Espagnat aborde ici los angeles query du "réel", défendant l'idée qu'il serait intellectuellement discutable de prétendre l. a. traiter sans tenir compte des leçons de los angeles body moderne. Il apporte l'éclairage de los angeles philosophie classique, et celui de los angeles technological know-how contemporaine. Ce livre est donc une brillante initiation aux problématiques de los angeles body, technological know-how qui entre toutes a connu récemment les plus grands bouleversements.

"Alors que j'étais étudiant à l'École centrale, un ami m'offrit À l. a. recherche du réel, qui  venait de paraître. Je le dévorais aussitôt en annotant chacune de ses pages." Etienne Klein.

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43) But these are objects that one seldom needs. 5), the vanishing of the P a curvature. You see immediately why this constraint can be imposed. Concerning representation content, it is a February 2, 2007 – 09 : 51 DRAFT LectParis 32 vector times an antisymmetric tensor, and the same holds for the spin connection ωµ ab . So, one can solve it for this spin connection. That is why the constraint is called a ‘conventional constraint’. Moreover, that is what I was looking for, see the first item of the list of three shortcomings in the beginning of this chapter.

The transformations constitute an algebra with structure constants fIJK , kI Y ∂Y kJ X − kJ Y ∂Y kI X = −fIJ K kK X . 52) These Killing vectors should respect the hypercomplex structure. This is the requirement vanishing of the commutator of DY kIX with the complex structures: DX kIY JY Z = JX Y DY kIZ . 53) Extracting affine connections from this equation, it can be written as LkI J Y X ≡ kIZ ∂Z JX Y − ∂Z kIY JX Z + ∂X kIZ JZ Y = 0 . 54) The left-hand side is the Lie derivative of the complex structure in the direction of the vector kI .

I will consider below the fermionic field in the vector multiplet for which there is no closure. Closure could be obtained if I would have introduced auxiliary fields, but for the didactical value of the example, it is good to consider the situation without the auxiliary fields. First, consider the fourth term, that finds its origin in transformations of the vielbein to the vielbein. 7). These two terms amount to the following. First it implies that the Weyl weight of Da φ is one higher than that of φ.

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