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The benefits that come from the Three Jewels are: [1] at the time of Cause; "[2] at the time of Path; and [3] at the time of the Result. The first are the benefits in the present lifetime; the other two should be learned from a Guru. 24 And so one who knows the advantages of taking the Refuges will repeat them three times a day and three times a night. He will preserve and not abandon the Three Jewels either out of human respect or jest or threat of his life. Notes to Chapter 1 1 Ot. 887, Vol. 1.

Unidentified. Ot. 815. Vol. 3. Praise of Ultimate Truths, Ot. 2014, Vol. 4. SS: p. 249. gsang-ste phyir-mi-ldog-pa. The phrase is interpreted in the lama tradition as referring to the First Bodhisattva Level, but the significance of the "in secret" or "privately" has been lost. 22 The omission of the fourth division here either is an oversight of the copyist, or the seventh or eighth Bodhisattva Level (the most commonly interpreted as the point of assured perseverance) is to be understood. 23 The summary is taken verbatim from Atiisa's Instruction on Refuge-Taking (Ot.

5562, Vol. 4. 2 OrnamentofSutras, Ot. 5521. Vol. 3. 3 ibid. 4 Explanation of" Treasure of Phenomenology", Ot. 5591, Vol. 1. The quotation is of paramount importance because it is evidently Atlsa's doctrinal and literary source for the "Three Persons" distinction of spiritual qualities he introduces to all the later Tibetan lam-rim ("Steps on the Path") writings. The teaching device of triads in presenting qualitative degrees - lowmedium-high - is common enough in all literature (aller guten Ding sind drei), and eminently so in Buddhism.

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