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By Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

Comprises translations of texts required to accomplish the ritual hearth providing for peace linked to six meditational deities. This publication talks approximately 13 deities in keeping with the Gelugpa culture of Tibetan Buddhism.

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At the four outer corners arise four human skulls filled with nectar. This is as in the sadhana: From the bodies of the deities radiates a mass of white light. The principal deity and his retinue are all marked at the two eyes by KSIM, at the two ears by JRil'y1, at the nose by KHAl'y1, at the tongue by RAl'y1, at the forehead by KAl'y1, at the navel by SAl'y1, at the crown by Ol'y1, at the throat by AI;:I, and at the heart by H0l'y1. yl. at my heart. It is sufficient to proceed from ' ...

Inside the celestial mansion, which is encircled by the charnel grounds, at the centre of the nine part pattern, from Y Atyl arises a black coloured air mal)c;lala with a tinge of red. Upon this and at the other three inner cardinal sections and at the doors are a variegated lotus and moon seat. Inside in· the east and at the four corners and the four outer corners are ... ) ..... a variegated lotus and sun seat each. Escorting the Deities in Procession from the Mat;,l(Jala to the Hearth At that time a ritual agent prostrates from the eastern door.

From within emptiness arises a white HOM, from the melting of which arises a white circular wisdom hearth with an inner and an outer rim. The outer rim is encircled by a vajra garland. The four corners are marked by half moons and vajras. (All is) clear and unobstructed. In the hearth, generated from RAM, is a triangular fire at the centre of which upon a variegated lotus and sun, from RAM arises a rosary. From the complete transformation of that arises a fire deity, with a white body, three faces, white, black and red, and six arms, abiding eternally inseparable from his cons< •rt, who is similar to himself.

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