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By David V. Alford

An entire figuring out of the biology and existence histories of pest species is essential for all these eager about crop creation and crop defense. this significant new name offers accomplished insurance of significant insect and mite pest species, essentially in Northern Europe. Textbook of Agricultural Entomology is generally divided into components. the 1st half covers the exterior and inner positive factors of the foremost insect and mite pest households, whereas the second one half presents precise descriptions of significant pest species together with details on lifestyles historical past levels (vital details whilst contemplating keep watch over equipment) and the vegetation which those species assault.

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G. bird-cherry aphid). In recognition of this problem, some authors have used either an 'em' or an 'en' dash between the alternate host names but this subtlety is not always followed, probably being largely overlooked or misunderstood. In view of these difficulties, and to avoid ambiguity, a solidus (forward slash) is used in the present work to delineate primary and secondary hosts in such common names. Order HEMIPTERA (True Bugs) 27 of different morphs and alternation of host plants. EXAMPLES: Adelginae - Adelges abietis and A.

Adults and larvae of most species are carnivorous, and several are important predators of crop pests; some species are phytophagous, several feeding on plant seeds. Fig. 57 A ground beetle, Pterostichus madidus family Carabidae (x4). The Main Groups of Insects and Mites 34 A 1 > ,L antenna Fig. 58 Head of a mud beetle - superfamily Hydrophiloidea. 2. Family HYDROPHILIDAE (mud beetles) (p. ) A large group of aquatic and terrestrial beetles, most species feeding on decaying vegetation; maxillary palps often very long.

EXAMPLE: Rhyzopertha dominica (larva = lesser grain borer). Superfamily CLEROIDEA 11. Family TROGOSSITIDAE A mainly tropical family of often predatory beetles; antennae clubbed; tarsi 5-segmented, the basal segment small, the apical segment relatively long and bearing a small lobe, visible ventrally between the claws. The European fauna includes a minor pest of stored food products, which is also partly predacious on other pests. EXAMPLE: Tenebroides mauritanicus (cadelle beetle). Superfamily CUCUJOIDEA A varied grouping, often subdivided into the Clavicornia (antennae distinctly clubbed.

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