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A brand new booklet for Paper 2, global background subject 12: The chilly warfare: Superpower Tensions and Rivalries (20th Century) Readable and rigorous assurance that provides you the intensity of data and abilities improvement required for the degree. presents: - trustworthy, transparent and in-depth narrative from subject specialists - research of the historiography surrounding key debates - devoted examination perform with version solutions and perform questions - TOK help actions and historic research inquiries to support with all points of the degree adapted precisely to the degree, it additionally is helping you strengthen analytical talents during the widest number of assets at this point. different titles within the sequence: - The movement to international conflict - Rights and Protest - Authoritarian States

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With the use of the plural word ‘origins’, it is expected that you will review more than one origin. The question does not ask you to discuss the impact of the Cold War or any issues after 1945. 2. Take at least five minutes to write a short outline. An example of a focused outline to this question might be: Political and economic ideological differences – capitalism versus communism. Western-Soviet political relations 1917–41: Russian Civil War 1918–22 Comintern and communist revolts 1919–onward Paris Peace Conference 1919 the Polish-Russian War 1920 isolationism and pre-Second World War negotiations Nazi-Soviet Pact, Soviet expansion.

In post-war Europe this was no longer the case. Publically, Roosevelt had stressed the importance of the Declaration on Liberated Europe (see page 35), but had privately recognized that Britain and the US had little option but to accept Soviet predominance in eastern Europe. When, only two weeks after the Yalta Agreement, the Soviets imposed a puppet government on Romania (see page 27), Roosevelt made no complaint to Stalin. What initial impact did Truman have on US policy towards the USSR? 42 US President Harry Truman Roosevelt died on 12 April 1945 and was replaced by Harry Truman.

British and US economic policy in Germany Britain and the US wanted a moderate German economic recovery so that their zones could at least pay for their own food imports. Consequently, until that point was reached, they wished to delay delivering to the USSR the quotas from their own zones of machinery and raw materials, which had been agreed at Potsdam (see pages 46–47). There were even discussions that the Soviet zone would have to deliver food to the hardpressed western zones. The Soviets, who had suffered the most casualties and war damage during the Second World War as a result of a German invasion of their country, were very reluctant to agree to this.

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