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By A. B. Bosworth

During this examine, Bosworth seems at Alexander the Great's actions in vital Asia and Pakistan, drawing a bleak photo of bloodbath and repression equivalent to the Spanish conquest of Mexico. He investigates the evolution of Alexander's perspectives of empire and suggestion of common monarch, and files the illustration of Alexander through historians of antiquity. The booklet is directed to experts and basic readers alike.

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Ptolemy, Cleitarchus, and Aristobulus spring to mind as the counterparts from the Alexander period—the protagonist, the litterateur, and the aged memorialist. For all the differences in detail the basic analogy is valid. The context of the attack is simple. Cortes set out for the siege of Tenochtitlan. From the town of Chalco he moved to a smaller village (Chimaluacan),14 where he was joined by many thousands of Indian allies. He then invaded enemy territory, and reached 'a very high and steep rock' occupied by warriors and a refuge for women and children.

44 For the moment the Macedonian infantry remained at a distance, while Alexander concentrated his attention upon the enemy left. His horse archers (from the steppes of Turkmenistan) prepared the way, sowing confusion by a series of destructive forays. Alexander himself meanwhile led his cavalry guard in a rapid movement to his right, threatening to attack the enemy force on its flank. To avoid envelopment the Indians ex- 43 Arr. 5. 15. 6-7; Curt. 8. 14. 9-13; Polyaen. 4. 3. 22. 44 Arr. 5. 16. 2-3; Plut.

94-7; Ch. 5, pp. 133-4330 The Shield of Achilles 29 it went a distinct lack of respect for life. Alexander had a short way with horse thieves, at least when his favourite stallion, Bucephalas, was stolen. His love for the animal is not in doubt, nor is his ruthlessness in face of the loss. 84 There is also some deterioration in 'the world where promises were kept'. 87 Alexander certainly behaved as though he felt no binding moral constraints, and by the end of his reign he was able to revoke one of the foundation clauses of the Corinthian League, a compact sanctioned by his father and himself, and demand by edict the restoration of exiles throughout the Greek world.

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