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I guess is having the power to do absolutely anything you want not necessarily a good thing. Remember, although I’dyet. conquered half the world, I wasn’t even 30 years old One thing I learned in India was to keep clear of the rampaging war elephants. nto India 32 But there was no time for moping around. India was waiting. s Although we won the battle, I was impressed by Poru and left him in charge of his lands. My plan was to keep going into the new lands, but my army let me down. They just refused to go any further.

Alexander faced fierce warriors whom he knew little about. These lands were all new to the Macedonians, and they also found natural hazards such as mountains, fast-flowing rivers, and barren deserts. Danube R. EGYPT 331 Gaza Pelusium Memphis Ni le d Re R a Se KEY Artacoana PARTHIA Babylon sR te Alexandria Siwah 331 PO Thapsacus TA Eu MI ph A SYRIA ra Tyre 332 BC Cyprus Susa 324 ARABIAN DESERT BACTRIA329 H KUS DU HIN Alexandria Arachoion 330 331 sR Pe rs ia Persepolis PERSIA 330 Alexandria the Furthest SOGDIANA Drapsaca 330 Taxila 333 BC 327 n GEDROSIA Gu lf Indian Ocean H Hydaspes 326 BC du Crete 330 MEDIA Gaugamela 331 BC O xu R.

My campaigns in Asia took me to lands where no European army had ever been before. In CAU sp Thebes 335 BC Black Sea Ca MACEDONIA THRACE Pelta Pattala INDIA Alexander’s empire in 323 BC Macedonia in 336 BC Alexander’s campaigns 334–324 BC Battles N E W S 31 Regre s It’s possible that all the success went to my head a bit. Some of my army certainly thought so. One of my le commanders, Cleitus, claimed that I should be more humb and give some credit to my father for my success. I was angry, but maybe I shouldn’t have killed him.

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