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By Dave Hughes, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

Written as a box handbook, this advisor to the area of the movie ''Alien'' and its sequels provides every piece of expertise - ships, autos, uniforms, and so forth - in separate chapters. additionally it is annotated cut-away diagrams, stills and blueprints from the 3 motion pictures, and anecdotal observations.

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RCH) 50 In the same series of brief reviews from this issue of Cahiers, Truffaut considers two films that he finds distinctly less "admirable": Robert Stevenson's 1952 The Las Vegas Story (Scandale à Las Vegas) and William Dieterle's 1952 The Turning Point (Cran d'arrêt). These two films get decidedly short shrift from Truffaut, who still praises William Holden for his work in the second film. The Las Vegas Story (Scandale à Las Vegas) American film by Robert Stevenson, produced by Howard Hugues [sic].

Practically alone among critics of the period, Truffaut equates Lang's work in the 1950s with his better-known films of the 1920s (Spies and the two Dr. Mabuse films). Lang remains a vigorous original, no matter what his budgets dictate in terms of sets, actors, and shooting schedules. In the same issue of Arts, Truffaut also examines a western by Anthony Mann and John Ford's The Searchers. The Ford review is perhaps one of the most interesting and revealing essays translated in this volume. 5 Gallagher, too, fails to satisfactorily address the racism and sexism that Ford simultaneously embraces and defends (the only possible words) in his work.

Having lived in the atomic age is their original sin, and the film closes with the theme of Adam and Eve, or, if you prefer, that of Noah, survivor of the first flood and as such, purifier. It is well known that this sort of story is the very archetype of the false "good" scenario. Beginning with the original idea, everything has to be invented and we must be able to resist the temptations that a universe free of all convention does not fail to offer. Here, better than anywhere else, it is appropriate to recreate the world and to know "how far is too far" to go.

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