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By J. Neil Schulman

"A cautionary story with a nerve-racking resemblance to earlier background and destiny chances" (Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate), "Alongside evening" portrays the final weeks of the world's maximum superpower and ends on a successful observe of desire.

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Perhaps he was taking all this in entirely the wrong way. Maybe the best thing he could do would be to retain a lawyer to find out what was going on. Conceivably— He stopped short, realizing that shivering in an alley was 54 Alongside Night not the best condition in which to think things through. He had to go some place warm and quiet where he could take stock of what had happened. Elliot decided that, for the moment at least, he could risk the streets. The chance of being recognized at night in midManhattan was rather slim.

They were still too far off for him to read picket signs or banners. Finding himself a relatively uncrowded spot near the barricades at Columbus Circle, he waited. ” with “Citizens for a Free Society” written in smaller letters underneath. Behind the banner were hundreds of smaller, handmade signs mounted on rolled cardboard (wooden picket signs were illegal), with slogans such as “CONTROL POLITICIANS, NOT PRICES! …SMASH RATIONING! …IN GOLD WE TRUST! ” This last shook Elliot. Other signs had a distinct left-wing tinge.

If things went well, he might even have his family free by that evening. He had a firm conviction that Al would know exactly to whom he should go. Elliot decided shortly that it was time he got a move on. Not long after nine, Elliot settled his tab, starting to walk to Times Square. It was one of those bitterly cold, windy—though cheerfully bright—mornings to which even lifelong New Yorkers seldom grow accustomed. He pulled sunglasses and a scarf (he had no hat) from his overcoat pocket, then turned up his collar.

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