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Become aware of breathtakingly infrequent photographs captured via genuine NASA area telescopes and notice the Universe as by no means seen sooner than! wonderful information from appealing celestial items are captured and displayed in absolute brilliant colours. Galaxies from dazzling distances are delivered to you up-close, as though just a stone’s throw away. This travel via area is certain to maintain you returning to those pages time and again and may definitely captivate the curiosity of somebody who loves astronomy or images. every one picture is followed via an in depth description of every fantastic celestial phenomenon. This publication will make an excellent gift for any family member who will get encouraged by way of the magnificent miracle of area!

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55. PLATE 25: This Hubble telescope snapshot of MyCn18, a young planetary nebula, reveals that the object has an hourglass shape with an intricate pattern of etchings in its walls. A planetary nebula is the glowing relic of a dying, Sun-like star. 56. 57. PLATE 26: NASA Spitzer Space Telescope finds a delicate flower in the Ring Nebula, as shown in this image. The outer shell of this planetary nebula looks surprisingly similar to the delicate petals of a camellia blossom. 58. 59. PLATE 27: This NASA Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image of the Trifid Nebula reveals a stellar nursery being torn apart by a nearby massive star.

PLATE 23: This composite image of the star cluster NGC 28 contains X-ray data from Chandra, in purple, with infrared observations from Spitzer, in red, green, blue. NGC 281 is known informally as the Pacman Nebula because of its appearance in optical images. 52. 53. PLATE 24: This colorful picture is a mosaic of Messier 8, or the Lagoon nebula, taken by NASA Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. This nebula is composed of clouds of gas and dust in which new stars are forming. 54. 55. PLATE 25: This Hubble telescope snapshot of MyCn18, a young planetary nebula, reveals that the object has an hourglass shape with an intricate pattern of etchings in its walls.

36. 37. PLATE 16: Swirling dust clouds and bright newborn stars dominate the view in this image of the Lagoon nebula from NASA Spitzer Space Telescope. The nebula lies in the general direction of the center of our galaxy in the constellation Sagittarius. 38. 39. PLATE 17: This is the Tarantula nebula, seen in this image from NASA Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer; the nebula is the largest starforming region known in our entire Local Group of galaxies. 40. 41. PLATE 18: This nebula, which is in the constellation of Scutum, has no common name since it is hidden behind dust clouds.

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