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By John English

An entire advisor to plain Royal military Destroyers in-built the pre WWII period. This publication comprises in technical information regarding a number of the periods of Destroyer and old essays of the person ships, either one of that are valuable for connection with the intense Naval historian or as a great learn to fit people with an curiosity within the topic, many black and white pictures.

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The next group comprised four armoured cruisers – ships of the type made obsolescent by Invincible in 1908 – Defence, Duke of Edinburgh, Black Prince and Warrior. 2 inches downwards, with primitive fire-control arrangements. In Dreadnought terms, they were big, slow, targets. Then there were four modern light cruisers, fast and nimble with 6-inch armaments – each at least the equal of Breslau – Dublin, Gloucester, Chatham and Weymouth. Admiral Berkeley Milne, the man with the ultimate in-theatre responsibility for British naval affairs, and who (being based in Malta) was the most likely Triple Entente commander to have to deal with Goeben in event of war – was the son of a distinguished First Sea Lord.

The Mediterranean could be used as a medium to bring a nation’s military power to bear upon the land washed by the sea. Alfred Thayer Mahan, the American naval theorist, writing at the end of the nineteenth century, argued that the primary function of a navy was to secure one’s own means of sea communications. 2 For Mahan this was ideally achieved through a decisive battle that would remove the threat from an opponent’s battlefleet, thereby rendering to the victor command of the sea. This command of the sea and the subsequent ability to control sea communications was to be the Royal Navy’s preoccupation during the Second World War.

47am, Milne to Troubridge: Should delay until you get authentic news of Goeben. 50am, Troubridge to Milne: I am diverting to a position 30 miles south of Messina. If Goeben goes north I shall send battlecruisers south about Sicily and remain with cruisers. In view of uncertain attitude of Italy I am not going with the heavy ships through the Straits of Messina. Goeben and Breslau sailed from Messina, before Chatham could reach that city on her northerly passage through the narrows, headed north and vanished.

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