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9c) where ')rd the deuteron, and no allowance has been made for the fact that the deuteron cross section is less than the sum of the neutron and proton cross section. We have used the Glauber and West corrections depicted in Fig. 32 to correct the Cornell data so that the shadowing is expressed with respect to the best estimates of the free neutron and proton cross sections. Figure 35 shows plots of A, rr/A @s a function of photon energy for the measurements on Bauer, Spital, Yennie, and Pipkin: 0 ' ~ I i ~ I 1.

Used a deuteron wave function following Reid (1968) and calculated G(t) in the p-dominance approximation. An analysis of these data starting from a Hulthen wave function yielded consistent but numerically different ratios. Criegee et al. 05 also reanalyzed the data of Boyarski et al. using their Glauber correction. The results are given in Table VI. All the ratios are compatible with a vanishing or at least small isospin-1 exchange contribution to the photon-nucleon interaction. 14) 0 p+ g ImTO 4.

2n these plots the errors bars include only the statistical errors and do not include the estimated systematic errors. 0 {GBV) I 20' IN I I I I 22 24 26 28 I 30 I 32 34 GeV FIG. 36. A plot of A, ff/A for carbon for data from the DESYGlasgow-Sheffield — DNPL, Santa Barbara — SLAC, Yerevan-Lebedev —IHEP, and Cornell groups. Hamburg, Rev. Mod. Phys. , Vol. 50, No. 2— I 2 I 4 PHOTON I 6 8 10 ENERGY (GeV) FIG. 37. The energy dependence of A, ff/A for Be, C, and Ti observed by the DESY-Hamburg group (from Meyer et al.

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