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The hands-on, simulation-based advent to analog electronics. Analog Electronics with LabVIEW is the 1st finished advent to analog electronics that makes complete use of laptop simulation. Kenneth L. Ashley introduces analog electronics via a sequence of theory/project sections, within which theoretical displays correlate at once with circuit size and research initiatives. the result of experiments are used to extract equipment version parameters utilized in next digital circuit research, offering an important enhancement within the knowing of recent, computer-based electronic-circuit simulation. Readers will grasp not just the basics of analog electronics, but in addition information acquisition and circuit simulation with LabVIEW, uncomplicated circuit-solution computation with Mathcad, and circuit simulation with Cadence Schematics or seize. assurance contains: *Elementary analog circuit research, together with the resistor voltage divider and MOSFET DC gate voltage, MOSFET drain current-source identical, amplifier frequency reaction, and extra *Fundamentals of transistors and voltage amplification *Characterization of MOS transistors for circuit simulation *Common-source amplifiers, MOSFET source-follower buffer level, differential amplifier degree, and MOSFET present assets *Operational amplifiers: resistor unfavourable suggestions techniques and capacitor-based functions *Development of a easy CMOS Operational Amplifier *LabVIEW educational with emphasis on analog electronics, the discrete nature of compute info acquisition, and LabVIEW size VIs resembling the autoranging DC voltmeter *Characterization of the BJT for circuit simulation together with linear modeling *BJT NPN common-emitter amplifier, together with emitter degeneration and current-source PNP load with emitter degeneration For these new to LabVIEW, the ebook additionally includes a entire introductory instructional with emphasis suitable to analog-electronics functions. CD-ROM incorporated The accompanying CD-ROM incorporates a whole reproduction of LabVIEW 6 pupil variation software program, besides all of the LabVIEW, Mathcad, and Schematics (or catch) documents you must practice the experiments and routines during this e-book, plus samples of all venture size and knowledge documents for size simulation.

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This is discussed below. NMOS subscripts are used. The results are the same for the PMOS, with a "p" subscript substituted for "n" and the subscript order reversed for all biasvoltage variables. 1. 9 Therefore, the condition for linearity is that Vgs << 2Veff, with Veffn = VGS = Vtno and using . With this condition not satisfied, an output signal is distorted. 10 In the parabolic relationship, the squared terms cancel entirely. In general, though, the output signal contains harmonic content (distortion) when Vgs is too large compared to Veffn.

The data plotted should give a straight line with slope γn. The effectiveness of SPICE modeling for representing the behavior of the transistor in a circuit is investigated in Project 4. The transfer characteristic, VGS versus ID, is measured for a circuit of the type shown in Fig. 4, where the circuit has VSB = IDRS. In the project, VSS is swept over a range of values to produce a range of ID of about a decade. 15 The input circuit loop equation (Fig. 17 where, for this special case, VDS = VGS (VD = 0, VS = 0).

B) Current source of body effect is reversed to eliminate the minus sign, and a resistor replaces the gds current source. 14), which relate the four variables, expressions, as used in SPICE, will be obtained for the three proportionality constants: transconductance parameter, gm, output conductance parameter, gds, and bodyeffect transconductance parameter, gmb. The results will be used to obtain numerical results for the circuit transconductance, Gm, for various cases. 3. 3)]. For the MOSFET, NMOS, or PMOS, Id = gmVgs, where Id is into the drain for both transistor types.

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