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By S. M. Ulam, A. R. Bednarek, Françoise Ulam

Many of the rules provided continue their value at the present time, and . . . are totally fundmental, either from a ancient and from a systematic viewpoint.--Gian-Carlo Rota, Massachusetts Institute of know-how

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F'(re iO )! dB. Thus the condition that f' E HI is precisely the condition that the curves {'YT} have uniformly bounded lengths. This leads to the next result. 8 Theorem. Ass'ume that n is a Jordan region and let r : ]D) Riemann map with r(O) = 0 and r/(O) equivalent. (a) an is a rectifiable Jordan curve. -> n be the > O. =]ki~=-- •• _u - 52 mi' , w==.. i'~'~'-:mC"~ I::~:: __ ·-l.. ~'--', 14. _~ .. 5. " ... :r': (b) . ,1 II (d) The function 0 -+ T(e iO ) is absolutely continuous. Ii I H1 (c) The function 0 -+ T(e i8 ) is a function of bounded variation.

Since {1 is bounded, the right hand side of this inequality is finite. The only way the left hand side can be finite is if WI = W2, contradicting the assumption that they are distinct. The proof that 9 is continuous on {1 URis left to the reader. 14 Corollary. If n is a bounded simply connected region in the plane and every boundary point is a simple boundary point, then 00 is a Jordan curve. 3. Let G be a region and suppose that (0 E 8G such that there is a 8 > 0 with the property that B(a; h) n G is simply connected and A_hi'.

FF~~ B(a; 8) n 8G is a Jordan arc ,. Let n be a finitely connected region whose boundary consists of pairwise disjoint Jordan curves. Show that if f : G ----. n is a conformal equivalence, then f has a continuous one-to-one extension to G U,. 6. The Area Theorem this series converges absolutely and uniformly on compact subsets of G. With this notion, f has a pole at 00 of order P if an = 0 for n > p. Note that this is the opposite of the discussion of poles at finite points. The residue of j at 00 is the coefficient 0'1 and j has a removable singularity at 00 if this expansion has the form 4.

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