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By L. Schimansky-geier, B. Fiedler, J. Kurths, E. Scholl

Nonlinear dynamics of advanced methods is an energetic learn box with huge numbers of guides in uncomplicated learn, and wide functions from different fields of technology. Nonlinear dynamics as manifested by means of deterministic and stochastic evolution types of complicated habit has entered statistical physics, actual chemistry, biophysics, geophysics, astrophysics, theoretical ecology, semiconductor physics and -optics, and so on. This box of study has caused a brand new terminology in technological know-how attached with new questions, difficulties, recommendations and techniques. New eventualities have emerged for spatio-temporal buildings in dynamical structures faraway from equilibrium. Their research and attainable keep an eye on are fascinating and tough facets of the present learn. The duality of primary and utilized examine is a focus of its major attractivity and fascination. uncomplicated subject matters and foundations are consistently associated with concrete and particular examples. types and measurements of advanced nonlinear tactics evoke and impress new basic questions that diversify and develop the mathematical innovations and instruments. In go back, new mathematical methods to modeling and research magnify the scope and potency of utilized examine.

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R. Sailer, V. Beato et al. Y 0- 5l 1~ 1 O X I Fig. 17. Development of stationary patterns for medium switching rates - phase space. The system with small inhomogeneities (indicated by a cloud) is initially distributed around one of the fixed point. Once switching occurs the cloud starts t o move t o the second fixed point. If a second switching occurs just as the cloud is quickly passing from the left to the right it can be split into two. The second cloud then does not return to the fixed point of the deterministic system but moves to the other side where it stays.

We first review the two state description of bistable systems [lo] and then introduce a phenomenological discrete model for excitable dynamics. 1. The doublewell system - a discrete Markovian description Let us consider a particle in a symmetric doublewell potential driven by white noise and a signal s ( t ) , Fig. 2. The dynamics of this system is Fig. 2. A bistable system as described by eq. 6). The reduced two state description is illustrated by the two differently colored half planes. If we consider the output (position) z ( t ) in the course of time (see Fig.

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