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The Greeks at War: From Athens to Alexander (Essential Histories Specials)

Inspiring generations of poets, novelists, scriptwriters and students, the increase and fall of the good Empires of the Classical international is a charming tale of ardour and conquest. The leaders, battles and army applied sciences that ruled the wars among Greece and Persia, and Alexander's conquests are all tested intimately during this publication, and their old importance is mentioned.

The Roman Games: Historical Sources in Translation (Blackwell Sourcebooks in Ancient History)

This sourcebook offers a wealth of fabric with regards to each element of Roman spectacles, particularly gladiatorial strive against and chariot racing. attracts at the phrases of eye-witnesses and individuals, in addition to depictions of the video games in mosaics and different artworks. deals snapshots of “a day on the video games” and “the lifetime of a gladiator”.

From Barbarians to New Men: Greek, Roman, and Modern Perceptions of Peoples of the Central Apennines

The vital Appennine peoples, however represented as decadent and unsafe barbarians or as personifications of manly knowledge and advantage, have been vital figures in Greek and Roman ideology. This specified learn considers the ways that those perceptions developed--reflecting either the moving wishes of Greek and Roman societies and the nature of interplay among some of the cultures of historical Italy--to light up the advance of a particularly Roman identification throughout the construction of an ideology of incorporation.

The Athenian Agora: Site Guide (Guides)

This helpful advisor to the archaeological continues to be viewable within the civic and advertisement heart of historical Athens is a vital spouse to the customer, or to scholars of the topography of the classical urban. A foldout map offers an summary of the positioning, keyed to descriptions and plans of each monument nonetheless noticeable: from the boundary stones to the "Great Drain.

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Morgan See also: Literature; Performing Arts. 20 Aetolian League The Aetolian League was a confederation of small towns and villages drawn together by the desire for mutual defense and financial gain. e. Category: Organizations and institutions; government and politics Locale: West-central Greece Summary Because of the ruggedness of their homeland, the Aetolians long remained on the periphery of Hellenic history. e. , then drove across central Greece and acquired influence in Thessaly and the western Peloponnese.

Although the league survived, its importance and influence withered. , Aetolia was depopulated. Further Reading Cartledge, Paul, and Antony Spawforth. Hellenistic and Roman Sparta: A Tale of Two Cities. 2d ed. London: Routledge, 2002. 21 Aetolian League Larsen, J. A. O. Greek Federal States. London: Oxford University Press, 1968. Scholten, Joseph B. E. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000. Denvy A. Bowman See also: Antiochus the Great; Classical Greece; Delphi; Hellenistic Greece; Philip V.

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